About Laura

Hi, I’m Laura, the creative mind behind Sew New York, and I’ve been hopelessly in love with sewing since I was a child. It started when I was 9 years old, with my mother and grandmother as my first teachers. They taught me how to use the sewing machine and handed me needles and thread, and with those simple tools, they passed down a legacy that would stitch the fabric of my life.

For me, sewing isn’t just a skill—it’s a way to make art that’s both beautiful and functional. Whether it’s a flowing dress or a tailored suit, my aim at Sew New York is to help you create clothing that not only looks professional but feels uniquely yours. The joy of turning a piece of fabric into something amazing is what I hope to share with every beginner who’s ready to embark on this journey.

Sew New York is more than just a brand; it’s a community. It’s a place where I share my half-century of sewing experience to make your entry into this world as seamless as possible. I believe that anyone, with the right guidance, can sew beautiful and professional-looking clothing—that captures the perfect design with creativity and beautiful sewing techniques.

From Stitches to Style: My Educational Tapestry

After high school, it was clear to me that design was my calling, so I ventured into two of the most prestigious schools for fashion in New York City: the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Parsons School of Design. These institutions aren’t just buildings filled with mannequins and fabric scraps; they are hallowed grounds where creativity meets craftsmanship.

I absorbed everything these amazing places had to offer, from the intricate details of garment construction to the broader strokes of aesthetic design. Education was not merely a process; it was my transformation into a designer with a keen eye for beauty and quality.

With 35 years as an educator under my belt, I’m eager to pass along the skills that have taken me a lifetime to hone. Teaching beginners how to create clothing they can be proud of has been one of my greatest joys. It’s not just about learning to sew; it’s about mastering an art form that can be both practical and profoundly creative.

My goal with Sew New York is simple: to help you sew together your own style. Whether that’s through picking the perfect fabric, understanding patterns, or the fine details that turn a piece from homemade to a beautifully constructed garment, I’m here to guide you. If you’re a beginner, you’ve come to the right place to lay down the building blocks for beautiful, professional-looking clothing.

More Than Just Sewing: A Peek Into My World

While the rhythmic dance of the sewing machine is a familiar sound in my life, I’m also deeply passionate about the art of cooking—especially Mediterranean cuisine. Imagine the zesty aroma of olive oil and fresh herbs wafting through the air; that’s often the backdrop to my home life. I love to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that Mediterranean dishes offer, and I’m always up for sharing my favorite recipes with family and friends.

Sewing and cooking are creative outlets, but balance is key. After threading needles and dicing vegetables, I recharge by spending time with my steadfast companion — my dog DiOgi. Whether we’re basking in the serenity of a quiet afternoon on the beach or embarking on lively game of fetch my furry best friend is an integral part of my everyday life.

I warmly invite you learn the skills of sewing from me. So come thread your needle and lets start creating beautiful garments and learn the art of sewing.

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